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Macro Photography Tutorial

Macro Photography Tutorial

Beauty of Flowers Photos

Beauty of Flowers

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Photos toward the sun

Difficult as the sun is behind the object you are taking.
So photo will be dark.
It is often easier to shoot photos with
Use flash when object is less than 3 meters away.
Could use UV Filter Polarizer. Could use sun glasses. See what happens there.

When shooting against sun use fast shutter speed, and small aperture, so less light arrives but depth of field will be larger.
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Lens flare is when non image forming light is in the image. Shoot away from source of light, or have a hood on camera.

Irrelevant point.
Remember the rule of thirds is important where lines intersect.

In the context of lighting design, backlighting refers to the process of illuminating the subject from the back. In other words, the lighting instrument and the viewer are facing towards each other, with the subject in between. This causes the edges of the subject to glow, while the other areas remain darker. The back light is usually placed directly behind the subject in a 4-point lighting setup.
Contre-jour, French for 'against daylight', refers to photographs taken when the camera is pointing directly toward the source of light. An alternative term is back lighting.
So basically when you the photographer is looking at the sun.
AKA against daylight aka Backlighting
In photography, bracketing is the general technique of taking several shots of the same subject using different or the same camera settings. Bracketing is useful and often recommended in situations that make it difficult to obtain a satisfactory image with a single shot, especially when a small variation in exposure parameters has a comparatively large effect on the resulting image. Autobracketing is automatic bracketing by using a setting on the camera to take several bracketed shots (in contrast to the photographer altering the settings by hand between each shot).

So good idea perhaps to photo Northwards in morning in morning in the North.


The ability of an imaging system to resolve detail is ultimately limited by diffraction. This is because a plane wave incident on a circular lens or mirror is diffracted as described above. The light is not focused to a point but forms an Airy disk having a central spot in the focal plane.

Optimal aperture F8 to F11

Depth of field smaller at lower f numbers.

Will often get dark photos when shooting toward sun. Unless object is close an you can use a flash on the object.
Used the light. The sun.

High ISO can reduce sharpness

High ISO can reduce sharpness
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In photography and optics, vignetting is a reduction of an image's brightness or saturation at the periphery compared to the image center. The word vignette, from the same root as vine, originally referred to a decorative border in a book. Later, the word came to be used for a photographic portrait which is clear in the center, and fades off at the edges. A similar effect occurs when filming projected images or movies off a projection screen, the so-called hotspot, defining a cheap home-movie look where no proper telecine is used.

Although vignetting is normally unintended and undesired, it is sometimes purposely introduced for creative effect, such as to draw attention to the center of the frame. A photographer may deliberately choose a lens which is known to produce vignetting. It can also be produced with the use of special filters or post-processing procedures.

So it is brightness and saturation declines with distance from image center.

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In optics, the f-number (sometimes called focal ratio, f-ratio, or relative aperture) of an optical system expresses the diameter of the entrance pupil in terms of the focal length of the lens; in simpler terms, the f-number is the focal length divided by the "effective" aperture diameter. It is a dimensionless number that is a quantitative measure of lens speed, an important concept in photography.

So F32 would have bigger depth of field than f 5
Depth of field increases with f number.
F stop is number.

This is frequently useful for nature photography, portraiture, and certain special effects. The depth of field of an image produced at a given f-number is dependent on other parameters as well, including the focal length, the subject distance, and the format of the film or sensor used to capture the image.
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Housing tenure

Housing tenure refers to the financial arrangements under which someone has the right to live in a house or apartment. The most frequent forms are tenancy, in which rent is paid to a landlord, and owner occupancy. Mixed forms of tenure are also possible.

The basic forms of tenure can be subdivided, for example an owner-occupier may own a house outright, or it may be mortgaged. In the case of tenancy, the landlord may be a private individual, a non-profit organisation such as a housing association, or a government body, as in public housing.


A condominium, or condo, is the form of housing tenure and other real property where a specified part of a piece of real estate (usually of an apartment house) is individually owned while use of and access to common facilities in the piece such as hallways, heating system, elevators, exterior areas is executed under legal rights associated with the individual ownership and controlled by the association of owners that jointly represent ownership of the whole piece. Colloquially, the term is often used to refer to the unit itself in place of the word "apartment". A condominium may be simply defined as an "apartment" that the resident "owns" as opposed to rents.


An apartment, or flat, is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building. Such a building may be called an apartment building, especially if it consists of many apartments for rent. Apartments may be owned by an owner/occupier or rented by tenants.

Snaefell Mountain Railway

The Snaefell Mountain Railway is an electric mountain railway on the Isle of Man in Europe. It joins the town of Laxey with the summit of Snaefell, at 2,036 feet (620.6 m) above sea level the highest point on the island. It connects with the Manx Electric Railway (MER) in Laxey.
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The village has a small harbour which was built in the 1850s to service the mining industry. It is now used by leisure craft and inshore fishing vessels.


Laxey (Manx: Laksaa) is a village on the east coast of the Isle of Man. Its name derives from the Old Norse Laxa meaning 'Salmon River'.
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No Limit

No Limit is a 1936 comedy film which was released by Associated Talking Pictures. It starred George Formby and Florence Desmond, and it concerned Formby's ambition to win the Isle of Man TT Race, against large odds. A chimney sweep from Wigan dreams of winning the TT Races in the Isle of Man. With money 'borrowed' from his grandfather, George Shuttleworth builds the 'Shuttleworth Snap' motorcycle after failing to join the Rainbow Motor-Cycle team.


Castletown is the former capital of the Isle of Man and site of Tynwald and can trace its roots back to 1090. The town has narrow streets and small fishing cottages. Fishing boats still continue to go out to fish from the harbour. Commercial traffic to the port ended in the 1970s, although there has been an ongoing expansion of finance and industrial businesses in the area.

The last person to be hanged on the Isle of Man was John Kewish in Castletown at Castle Rushen on 1 August 1872. In 1874, the House of Keys moved from Castletown to Douglas. The first telephones appeared in Castletown in 1901.


Castletown (Manx: Balley Chashtal, pronounced [ˈbalʲə ˈxaʃtʲəl]) is a town geographically within the Malew parish of the Isle of Man but administered separately. Lying at the south of the island, it is the former Manx capital.
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